2006 Sign

So the sign contest didn’t come to pass at Haunt Forum. Oh well, it’s what I really wanted, but the members hath spoken, and Scarecrows it is. But I did my sign anyway. I’ve wanted a street sign since I saw Zombie-F’s, but of course in my style. Also known as cheap, easy and (fairly) fast.
So here is the finished profuct, done in stages over this last weekend of vacation. This is in between the birdbath project finishing touches, and of course destroying some Bluckies to put PVC inside of them. No one told me cutting through the pelvis would be so hard!
Finished Sign
I’m not really going to post a how-to on this, since it’s been done by others. However, there are some things different from Zombie’s and others, which I think it makes easier.

First, I used some craft plywood from Michaels, the 4×24 inch size. I then found the center on an end, marked it, measured down 2 inches on each side and used a ruler to make straight lines to the point. I then borrowed the SO’s clamp and put all five of the pieces together and cut them all at once with my handy dandy, all-purpose ancient jig saw.

With my birdbath project, I had a dark pink wash (acrylic craft paint and water) so decided to add some colors and see what I cam up with. My original intention was to make a sick brown wash, but stopped when I got the green, which was kind of moldy looking. I took a foam brush, and wiped it on both sides and set it to dry.

Next day, I printed out the letters in Word, setting the page to Landscape and using the Ruben font at 150 pixels. One thing I always do, to save ink and time, is to set the font to outline. If you’re not sure how to do that, here’s a photo with the settings. This is accessed through Format|Font at the top of the page:
Font Settings

This post has come from the original at blogcrypt. I will not be using that anymore, due to its limitations.


~ by roadsidehaunt on March 30, 2007.

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