Moving Day

Last night was moving day for me. I’ve left the original blog I had as there was no features to speak of, and I never even used it.

So, if you’ve seen the sign post, that was originally moved here from blogcrypt. I trashed the other posts I had. But that was a keeper. This won’t be too active of a blog since I don’t really get started making props until the summer, but I will put up the video of my best prop from last year, along with some tips if you’re going to make your own Flying Crank Ghost (FCG).

There are numerous how-tos on the web to make these, with the original created by phantasmechanics. Knockoffs abound. I did mine the usual way, with cheap and/or scavenged parts. Well, other than the motor. The crank is actually a bolt with handle, which my former place of employment makes and packs with their product. I would sometimes make them at work, and I had a particularly beautiful one I kept. Well, as beautiful as an 18 inch steel bar with a bolt welded on can be. I also did the frame with scrap wood from work. That’s the best kind of Halloween prop, made out of free stuff.

Anyway, if you are at all serious about halloween prop making, the Flying Crank Ghost is almost a must have. When she’s flying, especially at night with the black light on her, there’s nothing like it. So, I present to you: Lily.


~ by roadsidehaunt on March 30, 2007.

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