Weatherproofing the Crypt

Am I the only one who has left their decorations out this year? Not all of them, but the fence and the crypt never got brought back in this year. The crypt was planned to stay out over the winter, just because it’s a pain in the butt to transport it back, particularly after the devastation from last year’s week before Halloween winds. It went back together, but to prevent thewinds from doing any more damage, I pounded some of my threaded rod stakes into the Windstorm damage 2006 four corners of the crypt and fastened them down with the cable ties. I also attached ropes to the roof and tied them down to concrete blocks. It worked very well. I did bring the roof up to the house for the winter, since that is readily transportable.
This storm we had on April 16, hereinafter known as the Patriot’s Day northeaster, finally did the damage the winter didn’t do. The foam panels came down, the black sheeting took a beating, but the structure still stands. I have some leftover cheap paneling I’m going to cut down to size and add that for walls. A side benefit is that it will give the foam something to actually hold onto, besides the 1×3 frame. I found out last year that not even Gorilla Glue will hold it on if there’s no real base.
A side benefit of making the crypt last year came when my son’s boss dropped him off and asked if I cold use some more of that foam that he had left over from a home improvement project. Heck yeah!! I got several good pieces, enough to redo all my tombstones. I’m tired of hauling the plywood ones down to the road. They hold up very well, but I have way too many of them now.


~ by roadsidehaunt on May 9, 2007.

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